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1.  Member of scientific committee of Junior Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications 2019. Review of papers, chair of session.

Research Axes

  • Hybrid Optical Packet Switching technology and networks.
  • SDN Control of Optical Networks, optical network functionalities for 5G
  • Signal Treatment and Mitigation of Non-linear effect in a fiber.
  • THz field imaging and optical Systems

Current Research

Currently I am working as a PhD Candidate in Department of Communication and Electronics in Télécom ParisTech under the supervision of Dr. Cédric Ware and Dr. Luigi Iannone.

The subject of my research lies in the investigation of the performance of Optical Packet Switched (OPS) networks under all-optical and hybrid switches, while server side transmission activities are regulated by Transport Control Protocols based on Congestion Control Algorithms (TCP CCAs). We consider that OPS could be enabled by use hybrid switch, i.e. device-level solution, as well by use of specially designed TCP CCAs, i.e. network-level solution. Taking these different level solutions and their interaction into account, the objective of my research is to find out how their joint action influences OPS networks, whether the network-level solution could be adjusted to discover the potential of the device-level one, and would there be any benefits in OPS networks that let the industry start moving away from dominance of Electronic Packed Switched (EPS) networks.

Previous Research

  • Signal Treatment and Mitigation of Non-linear effect in a fiber.

I worked on a 6 months researcher internship in Nokia Bell Labs, France. My research work centered on the mitigation of non-linear effects in the fibres for telecom application. I explored new Soft Decoders for Cross Polarization Modulation (XPolM) impaired optical signal, calculated the Capacity of the channel using Information Theory approach. Here is my Internship report.

  • THz field imaging and optical Systems

I worked as an Engineering Intern for 4 months for T-Waves Technologies as an optical engineer designing optical systems for THz imaging application. The internship was transformed for a Auto-entrepreneur Assignment of 8 month to continue the work.